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Sometimes mental paradigms and cognitive understanding of what’s happening lags on-the-ground experience. We post-modern Christ-followers realize that something has changed. Our experience tells us so. Our intuition and feelings tell us so. Yet our understanding of what’s happening in congregations, and to congregations, often is the last to learn. The purpose of SHIFT is to help our understanding catch up with our experience. We need input, insights, information, and examples to make sense of the changes around us. SHIFT provides this kind of learning for clergy, church staff, and lay persons. SHIFT can be engaged the following Formats:

  • One Day Learning Experience
  • Two-Three Day Workshop Learning Experience
  • Weekend Retreat
  • Three Learning Modules Spread Over Time
  • SHIFT Online Webinar (download information here (pdf))

Learning Experience for Clergy and Church Staff

In Partnership with The Pastoral Counseling Center, Baptist Easley Hospital
Co-sponsored by The Pastoral Counseling Center, Baptist Easley Hospital, Easley, SC
February - June, 4th Thursdays, 9:45-1:00PM
Location - Baptist Easley Hospital
Tuition $295
Mark Tidsworth, Course Facilitator
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For more details visit the SHIFT page.

Emotionally Intelligent Pastoral Leadership

A Webinar Learning Experience for Clergy And Church Staff

Besides an invigorated faith, what differentiates between clergy and church staff who are effective versus those who are less so? Across many professions, researchers have pinpointed Emotional Intelligence as the differentiating factor. When it comes to ministry, EI is more pertinent than in many other fields, given the relational nature of ministry. We at Pinnacle have been providing EI training and coaching for clergy and church staff since 2005. Now we are making this training available through this webinar, erasing geographical limitation. After considering the description below, you are invited to register. Feel free to contact us for more information. We hope you can join us.

February 2 – March 16, 5 Classes, 1 Hour Each, 10AM Eastern Time
$175 Total Tuition
Mark Tidsworth, Course Facilitator
Download information here. (pdf)
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Fresh Start Coaching

Fresh Start Coaching is an opportunity to bring closure to the past while moving forward into the future. The primary purpose of the program is to provide quality coaching at a reduced rate to qualifying persons. Coaching clients accepted into The Fresh Start Coaching Program receive the following services:

  • Individual coaching by phone or in person
  • Leadership Coaching or Life Coaching
  • Four Months of coaching with two 45 minute sessions per month
  • Spot Coaching as needed (Brief emails or calls with your coach)

Read more about Fresh Start Coaching.
Contact Ircel Harrison, Pinnacle's Coaching Coordinator, to get started! Call 615-423-8223 or email at

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