Services for Clergy & Congregations

Pinnacle Leadership Associates is a professional group assisting clients to discern and live out their callings through purposeful living and working.

Since you cannot do good to all, you are to pay special attention to those who, by accidents of time or place or circumstance, are brought into closer connection with you. Saint Augustine

open doorsWe want to live out our callings as fully and effectively as possible and make the most of each opportunity to serve and lead others. Sharing and building on this vision with clergy, church staff, congregations, and denominations is our passion at Pinnacle.

Living and Working on Purpose

We are eager to partner with clients who are (or desire to be) intentionally living and working on purpose, making a difference in this world.

Services for Clergy, Church Staff, Congregations, & Denominations


As an emerging form of people development, ministers are discovering Coaching is an effective tool for moving themselves and their congregations forward in ministry and mission. We provide various kinds of Coaching, depending on your needs and goals. Coaching is an intentional way to accelerate growth and learning, as well as developing as a person. Our Associates enjoy partnering with you in your growth and development through the practice of quality, faith-based Coaching.

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Congregations and denominations who want to advance in missional ministry are calling on us for Consulting. We listen, explore, lend our expertise, and help you discover God’s calling for your congregation. Since congregations have various needs, you will find various kinds of Consulting as you explore our website. When you contact us we will help you identify your needs and decide what approach may be most helpful.

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You won’t find trainings like, “The Top Ten Things Your Church Can Do To Grow” on this website. Instead, we focus on developing the personhood, faith, competence, and capacity of individuals, staffs, teams, and entire congregations. When we invest in developing you, then you are more able to cooperate with The Spirit’s movement in your ministry setting. Enjoy exploring the various Training Opportunities described here. We can design more specific Trainings for you, based on conversation around your needs.

As you explore our website, you’ll find that we provide you with more than a description of services. We hope you’ll find inspiration and determination, and will catch the spirit of Pinnacle.

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