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Change. Perhaps this is the word which defines the theme of our times. Congregations are highly sensitized to the fact that change is happening around them all the time. Though change is not new, it is exponentially faster now than before. In these transitional times, traditional forms of support, networking, and development are shifting. Newer forms of connecting, community, and learning are rising. This is the purpose of The Pinnacle Network For Congregations – to provide a network for connection, learning, and development in the milieu of exponential change.

Pinnacle Network’s Purpose

Congregations joining The Pinnacle Network partner with us a year at a time, selecting the services they need for that year. This approach benefits the congregation by partnering with an organization who can know them over time, assisting them in advance their mission. Since Pinnacle provides so many kinds of services, congregations enjoy personalized attention on their particular ministry context and mission from one organization. The Pinnacle Team enjoys the longer term relationship and opportunity for substantive partnership this Network provides. Pinnacle Network congregations also benefit from a reduction in fees for services.

More specifically, the purpose of The Pinnacle Network is:

  • To assist clergy and congregations to faithfully and effectively advance their missions
  • To develop an ongoing relationship with pastors, staffs, and congregations in order to facilitate long-term health and mission advancement
  • To connect clergy and congregations in the Pinnacle Network with each other - resulting in learning, cross-pollination, collaboration, and encouragement
  • To make Pinnacle services available to clergy and congregations in a cost effective manner
  • To address the connection, learning, and development needs of congregations in their shifting context

Membership In The Pinnacle Network

When Congregations join The Pinnacle Network, we are able to learn your ministry and its context. We form an ongoing relationship which facilitates movement toward mission advancement. Given the two Membership levels, we are glad to help you discern which Network Level is most fitting for your congregation at this stage of its development.

Pinnacle Membership 1

This level membership works well for those congregations who want to raise their leadership focus and effectiveness to the next level. With this option, the Pinnacle Coach is able to connect with lay leaders as well as the pastoral leader. Congregations choosing this option find the support, encouragement, development, and accountability to be instrumental in advancing their mission. Components of Level One Membership are:

  • Three in person events with the Lay Leadership Team each year, up to 3 hours (roughly once every four months)
  • Coaching for the Lead Pastor by phone or in person
  • Coaching for additional staff members at a reduced fee
  • Reduction (25%) in fees for all other Pinnacle services

Suggested Tracks for Lay Leadership Team Gatherings:

Assessing Progress – This Track involves a high level assessment of your progress in mission and ministry. Your Pinnacle Coach gathers input from each Lay Leadership Team member plus each pastoral and program staff member through a survey. The Coach synthesizes and interprets this input and then presents the learnings in the first gathering with the Lay Leadership Team and Pastor. From there, the feedback is digested, considered, and integrated into the guiding strategy of the congregation. Often, initiatives or goals result. This becomes part of the working agenda for the Lay Leadership Team and Pastor until the next visit by the Pinnacle Coach.

Learning Experience – This Track involves the Pinnacle Coach presenting a seminar on a relevant topic and then leading the Lay Leadership Team to explore its relevance to your congregation’s mission and ministry. Through learning about your congregation’s journey beforehand, the Pinnacle Coach can suggest a seminar topic. Often, initiatives and goals arise from this learning experience. These contribute to the working agenda for the Lay Leadership Team and Pastor between visits by the Pinnacle Coach. Examples of learning experiences are:

  • Size Transitions In Congregations
  • Functioning as a Healthy and Effective Team
  • Peoplemap Communication System
  • Missional Church Overview
  • Developing a Coaching Approach to Ministry

Visioning and Discernment Process – This Track involves engaging in activities to help the Lay Leadership Team and Pastor identify major initiatives of focus for the congregation. This is not traditional strategic planning, since that is a much more involved process. This is a way to increase focus and develop high level initiatives toward which to move. The result is increased focus for the Lay Leadership Team and Pastor until the Pinnacle Coach’s next visit.

Some Lay Leadership Teams will prefer to engage in a longer gathering with the Pinnacle Coach the first time; often in a one to two day retreat setting. We are glad to discuss this option with you. Though this adds some expense, this provides for a stronger start as well as opportunity for the Lay Leadership Team to advance more intentionally.

Pinnacle Membership 2

Level Two Membership provides support, encouragement, and accountability to the pastoral leader in the congregation, helping advance the mission. When pastors have the insights of a Coach who is outside their ministry context, another set of informed eyes is considering your congregation’s progress. Congregations will experience a more energized and focused pastor as a result of Level Two Membership. Additional service beyond those listed below can be included at a 25% reduction from our usual fees as needed.

  • Coaching for the Lead Pastor by phone or in person
  • Coaching for additional staff members at a reduced fee
  • Reduction (25%) in fees for all other Pinnacle services

Download a flyer with pricing information here.

Pinnacle Services

When you join the Pinnacle Network, you receive a 25% discount on any other services you need which are not a part of your Network Membership. The following are examples of Pinnacle services:

  • Lay Leadership Team Retreats
  • Church Staff Development Retreats
  • Congregational Visioning and Discernment Processes
  • Conflict Management Consulting
  • Missional Church Consulting
  • Size Transition Consulting
  • Leadership Development Training

Pinnacle provides a wide variety of services for clergy, laity, and entire congregations. Coaching, Consulting, and Training are the major categories of our work. Our website is the best place to learn about specific services in each category at

Some congregations join The Pinnacle Network when they contact us about Consulting or Training for their staff or congregation. Joining the network actually reduces their costs, while securing support for their work through Pinnacle.

*The Leadership Coaching Project
Both Membership Levels include tuition to Pinnacle Leadership Coaching Project. Each Fall, the LCP begins with a Leadership Development Retreat. This retreat is an opportunity for learning and reflection, focused on one’s pastoral leadership. Inventories, activities, and small group interaction facilitate learning. Getting to know one’s coach better through the in-person interaction is a strong component of the LCP. Participants complete the retreat with a Learning Plan for the next season of coaching. Interacting with the other Pinnacle Network Members as well as the entire Pinnacle Team enhances this retreat experience. Additional staff members are invited to attend at a reduced fee. Read more about Leadership Coaching Project.

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