leadership consultingWhen you consider calling a consultant, what are you needing? Few of us want a consultant who tells us what to do. Instead we want someone who will step into our organization, assess what’s happening, and then help us explore options for moving ahead. This is Pinnacle’s approach. We are not “expert” consultants who provide the answers for you. We are “process” consultants, who will design processes to help you understand what is happening, along with options for proceeding.

Effective organizations have some level of change happening all the time. When you address your change process with intentionality, you are more likely to negotiate those waters successfully. We are glad to help with change processes like

  • Visioning and strategic planning
  • Call discernment for the next stage
  • Structural shift planning
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership transition
  • Interim leadership consulting
  • Board processes and development
  • Staff development and team building
  • Leadership assessment

How Does Our Consulting Work?

  • Listening – We ask lots of questions. When we know your story, we can begin to connect with your goals.
  • Proposing - When we understand the direction you want to move, we’ll propose a process for our work together.
  • Working – During the working stage, we’ll engage as much of your organization as possible. Through “process consulting” your organization remains an active participant in problem solving and is able to take credit for successful results.
  • Implementing – Organizations often retain Pinnacle consultants for leadership coaching after the consulting process to dramatically increase success.

Our consultants come to you with a wide range of experience and expertise. When you contact us, we will match you with the best consultant who can address your needs.

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