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Ircel Harrison

Coaching Coordinator
Ircel Harrison

Ircel is a lifelong learner who seeks to assist others in that same journey. He finds joy in walking alongside others as they discover their potential and pursue their personal missions. Individuals, congregations, and not-for-profit organizations find Ircel to be an able companion as they move toward mission advancement in their particular contexts. We have lost count of the ministers over time who claim, “Ircel mentored me.” Ircel provides coaching, consulting, and training as a Pinnacle Associate, while also serving as our Coaching Coordinator. Ircel resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


  • Master of Divinity, Ordained Baptist Minister
  • Doctor of Ministry
  • Post-Graduate study in Missional Church and the Postmodern Transition
  • Post-Graduate study in Organizational Psychology
  • Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Provider
  • Certified DISC Provider
  • Certified Peoplemap Trainer
  • Trained Congregational Consultant
  • Trained Leadership Coach

Work Experience

  • Pastor
  • Campus Pastor
  • Interim Pastor
  • State Director of Collegiate Ministries, Tennessee Baptist Convention
  • State Coordinator, Tennessee Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
  • Site Director and Adjunct Instructor, Central Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Seminary Field Work Supervisor
  • Leadership Development Consultant
  • Leadership Coach
  • Coaching Coordinator, Pinnacle Associate

Ircel's Blog: The Barnabas File

tel: (615) 423-8223

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