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open doorsLiving and Working on Purpose

We are eager to partner with clients who are (or desire to be) intentionally living and working on purpose, making a difference in this world.

Making the most of the gifts, time, personality, and context you are given…this is the goal we work with our clients to achieve.

Pinnacle Leadership Associates is a professional group of coaches, consultants, and trainers intent on living and working on purpose. We partner with clients to assist them in achieving their missions. When you contact us, we will listen and dialogue, exploring which services may help you move forward.

Pinnacle Professionals

Educators, Business Owners, Non-Profit Leaders, Doctors, Therapists, Engineers…these are some of our clients. Others select Pinnacle from a personal view – using Life Coaching to move them toward their life purpose. Whatever your motivation or point of view, we can advise you on how to take your next steps.

Services for Professionals


Business leaders have used Executive Coaches for decades. Now many other professionals, along with the general public, are using Coaches to learn, adapt, grow, and increase effectiveness. Coaching is an effective form of People Development. We enjoy investing in your growth as a person and/or as a professional. Since we provide a variety of Coaching specialties, we can address a spectrum of Coaching needs and goals. Look through the Coaching area of our website and explore what catches your attention. Contact us and we can assist you further.

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Staff restructuring, strategic planning, signature theme identification...these are needs of organizations our clients describe. The first step in Pinnacle’s Consulting Process is to get to know you and your needs. We will learn what’s happening in your organization and where you want to go. Then, collaboratively, we will construct a Consulting Process to assist your movement.

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Learning and adaptive organizations are those who thrive in our current context - and certainly in the future. More and more companies, educational institutions, businesses, and non-profits are investing in training through Pinnacle. We provide substantive learning and growth experiences, focused on advancing your people. As you explore our Trainings, you may find exactly what is needed. On the other hand, you may want us to design events with particular foci. Contact us and we can collaboratively design your training opportunities.

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