Training and Leadership Development

leadership trainingLearning organizations are adaptive organizations. Adaptive organizations continue to adjust to the changing needs around them, making the shifts they need to remain relevant and effective. High quality training in communication, working relationships, leadership, and all things people related contributes to adaptability, relevance, and effectiveness.

At Pinnacle, we specialize in providing quality training. We work with individuals, teams, staff, departments, divisions, and entire companies when it comes to training. Look over these training pages for consideration of where you might begin with Pinnacle. When you contact us we will begin with your desired outcome, and then discuss training options which may address your goals. We look forward to working with you on your training needs.

Leadership Development for Your Organization

Several of us have worked in large corporations with capacity for staffing ongoing leadership development programs for their emerging leaders. These companies identify talented and gifted personnel, and then invite them to join their leadership development program. We have provided some of the training these emerging leaders engage, learning this model for growing the skills and capacity of the company’s staff.

Other companies, institutions, and organizations are not staffed for providing this kind of leadership development program. They do not have the capacity to generate this kind of high quality leadership development from within. On the other hand, they want to develop future leaders, and realize their organization would strengthen if they implemented a quality program. This is where Pinnacle can help.

We are able to design and implement a leadership development program to address your people needs. In conversation with you, we identify the level, frequency, and nature of leadership development which will advance your mission. Then we come to you, providing this training on site with your personnel. Organizations find this personalized approach helps them intentionally develop their people, while reinforcing the values of the organization. Ultimately, this helps your organization achieve its mission more effectively. By providing intentional leadership development, your sharpest talent will stay and invest in your organization, like you are investing in them.

When you contact us, we will learn about your organization, and then begin the process of design the program to fit your needs.

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